Captain T-Pose and his Flying Dare Devils!

Captain T-Pose

Crysis was great :D

3 Responses to “Captain T-Pose and his Flying Dare Devils!”

  1. Gorion says:

    Any news on your physics engine? Could you please email about it. Because i just love what i have seen so far. :)

  2. ViLiO says:

    Hi Gorion,

    At this time I have no plans to release my port of Tokamak in any form. When I first started on it there were no 3D physics libraries available that were written in a completely managed language, but since then BulletX has materialised and also a port of JigLib. I have had a play around with both these libraries and I can safely say they are far more stable and feature complete than what I currently have and both are still under active development. I would suggest looking into them instead :)


  3. gForge says:

    Dude, I totally agree…Crysis rocked.
    Never finished it though. Got all the way to the carrier stuff after we nuked the island and made the baddies stronger and couldn’t figure out how to get the new hand held experimental weapon working after the captain bit the bullet. so I was ‘kinda floundering on top the ship deck getting stomped by the big nasty… :D